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Rudra Architecture Studio - Work


Office cum Residence tower at Century Garden, Perundurai
Area: 6,400 Sq.Ft

A G+3 with 40’ road front and facing 100’ x 110’ Corporation Park planned for multipurpose usage. The architect’s own building was in turn finalised for the special purpose of Ground floor as office, First floor as residence, Second floor as design lab and Third floor for private presentation space / Kids learning. The third floor has go a central court space planned with hanging gardens to give a feel like traditional court house. Each floor has got its private lobby area with the view in to the park opposite. Ducting as part of the design takes all the electrical, plumbing lies well planned. Exposed Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks used as the brick fill in between structural framing. Perforations used as a creative expression for the external facade of the building which in turns allows the aeration internally.